Reading Group Kotuku

I am learning to make connections between the text and my prior knowledge.

I'll know I can do this when I can share what I already know about a topic prior to reading and make connections throughout the text.

Next time I would like to be able to read more chapter books.

Maths Group Rectangles

I am learning to solve addition and subtraction problems by exchanging ones for tens, and tens for hundreds (decompoosition), leading to a written algorithm.

I'll know I can do this when I can use column adding to solve problems.

Something I found hard was completing it by myself.

Writing:Informatian Report.

I am learning to write an informatian report.

I'll know I can do this when I can plan and write an information reports with a title, topic sentence, and a group of facts about a subject.

Something I learned was is that when you do linking your hand has to get used to it.

Here is my Ruru Report:

Where do they live?
Rurus live in tropical forests, farms, parks and very deep forests (you will mostly find them in New Zealand).

What do they eat?
Rurus eat wetas, beetles, huhu bugs mice and rats.

What are they?
Rurus are the only surviving owls in New Zealand.

Who are there predators if any?

Rurus predators are possums.

Art Attack: Don Binney

I am learning to create art inspired by Don Binney.

I'll know I can do this when I have created a landscape with a foreground, middle, and background.
My bird and my background are coloured using pastels and natural colours.

Something I found hard was making it so that there were no white gaps.

Learner Qualities: Empathise

I am learning how to empathise.

I'll know I can do this when I can identify a variety of ways I can show empathy to others.

One way I have shown empathy is by knowing how someone felt when they fell over.

Peace Week 2017

I have been learning about Peace Week.
Peace Week is an annual tradition organised by The Peace Foundation every year. You can learn more about The Peace Foundation by following this LINK.

As a way to learn about Peace Week I did three different Peace Week activities.

With Miss Brennan we created a poster to help promote peace and Peace Week.
With Mrs Baker we made hand print doves and wrote messages of peace on them.
With Mr Horn we looked at the symbols of peace such as the dove and created origami doves.

Here is an example of one of my activities

Student Led Conference

My highlight at my Student Led Conference was when Mrs McLeod came and said to my mum and me that I have been a good role model and getting to feed the chickens because it is fun and I like to see my mum happy.

I am most proud of sharing my maths because my mum liked to see what I am doing in maths.

I think my parents enjoyed my learning because they liked to see what I have been learning about at school.

Next time I would like to be more confident.


My learning goal this term is to recognise and use new vocabulary.

I can do this by finding the meanings of words in a dictionary.

This photo shows my learning.

Procedural Writing.

WALHT write a procedure.

Something I learned about writing a procedure is where we have to make good instructions by having numbered steps.

Something I would like to do better is make them more interesting by putting more adverbs in it.

Here is my writing.

Jelly pops
How to make delicious jelly pops.

What do you need?
  • Jelly crystals
  • Party cups
  • Boiling water (1 cup)
  • Cold water (½ cup)
  • Fruit sticks
  • Measuring cup
  • Whisk
  • jug/bowl
1.Prepare the party cups upright on a flat surface.

2.Carefully pour 1 cup of boiling water into a jug or bowl WARNING ask adult to help.

3.Carefully tip jelly crystals into a jug or bowl.

4.Quickly dissolve jelly crystals with a whisk.

5.Add ½ cup of cold water into a jug or bowl.

6.Leave it for 15 minutes to set.

7.Carefully pour the jelly into the party cups.

8.Carefully add the fruit sticks into the jelly.

9.Slowly put the jelly into the freezer.

10.Carefully dip your jelly pops into some boiling water.

11.Then carefully take them out.

12.Enjoy your jelly pops.


We are learning salsa and hip hop at dance.
I enjoyed salsa because it's old fashioned.
I learned how to do cool moves like the basic step.


WALHT Interpret data and record our findings.
Something I learned was you need to find data by looking in books and then you need to record it.
Here is a photo of my learning.
My next step is to look in different places.


WALHT add a twist to our writing.
Here is my poem:

I didn't BUT I did.
I didn't see a flying puppy
I didn't see a talking frog
I didn't see real gold
BUT I did see Xanthe at the war memorial

I didn't eat a pony
I didn't eat my pillow
I didn't eat a bunny
BUT I did eat pancakes

I didn't go camping
I didn't go to Africa
I didn't become rich
BUT I did go to Clay Cliffs

Next time I would like to make it more creative by putting some more funny details in.

Punchy Poetry

I have been learning to create an  example of Hyperbole.
This is my example: My brother is as annoying as a fly.
Next time I would like to use more ANZAC ideas in my poetry.

Taiao Programme

I have been learning to be safe around the kitchen.
We made apple crumble it was yummy.
I learned how to be safe around sharp things.
A question I have is how long did it take for the apple crumble to cook?

Little River Trip

The Year 4 Students Went to Cheskin Orchard and Chook Manor to learn about fruit and chickens.

I learned how good green gauges are and how to look after chickens properly.

I enjoyed getting the fake eggs.

I learned how to hold the chickens.

A question I have is when do chickens have there eggs?